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Unsung Heroes

How to work with secondary school students on the content of an exhibition about everyday inventions

Can a tin of food be a work of engineering? Or a post-it note come to be a work of art? Yes, with the power of storytelling.

Nearly 30 objects that are part of our daily lives, but which we don’t pay any attention to, star in the travelling exhibition ‘Herois ocults. Invents genials, Objectes quotidians’ (Unsung heroes. Genius inventions. Everyday objects) promoted by “la Caixa” Foundation.

At Iuris.doc, within the framework of the eduCaixa project, we have collaborated in producing and developing educational resources: the linked commentary for the online exhibition of the Vitra Design Museum (Unsung Heroes) and 3 videos explaining the educational itineraries of the exhibition: technological, artistic and socio-historical.

The objective: to arouse curiosity, connect with young audiences and to work on different educational skills.


Educational resources for the Unsung Heroes exhibition.


“la Caixa” Foundation

Visit the website:

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