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What we can do for you

We work on online and offline communication through content marketing.
We produce and dynamise specialised content in the field of culture, education, scientific communication and business.
We understand exactly what the audience for each project needs and we create the content in a appropriate, efficient and exciting way. This is how we can help you:

Digital strategy

We define the communication strategy and the digital ecosystem for the project. We analyse the requirements, the audience, the relationships with people of influence, identify good practice and define the channels, the content strategy and the publicity activities in order to obtain measurable results.

Digital content

We conceptualise, produce and vitalise content optimised for the digital environment: texts (copy-writing), audiovisuals, images, animations, infographics, podcasts and interactive content.

We create innovative narratives, focused on storytelling and adapted to any type of channel: websites, blogs, social networks, e-mail marketing and apps.

In the production, we pay special attention to the new audiovisual and live formats as an indispensable element of any online and offline communication strategy: reporting, corporate videos, tutorials, interactive videos, virals, 360 videos and live broadcast video.

Social networks

We manage the 2.0 identity of our clients in order to guarantee the impact and engagement with the community: Community Management, Social Media Plans, advertising campaigns, strategy with people of influence, broadcasts, live video streams, etc.
We offer a comprehensive content revitalisation and community management service to listen to, interact with and inspire the 2.0 users for each project.

Exhibition content

We script and create content for permanent and temporary exhibitions, events and corporate spaces: research and documentation, production of display texts, audiovisual and interactive displays, multimedia applications and augmented reality.

We combine creativity and technology to transform the space and create an immersive, interactive and surprising visit for the user.

Technology and design

We develop user-oriented digital platforms: web portals, microsites, intranets, blogs, e-mail marketing etc.

Open, highly productive, flexible and scalable environments to respond to the current and future needs of each project.

We are experts in the main CMS environments on the market (Liferay, Drupal, WordPress, Open CMS, etc.).

Training and support

We guide our customers in the online marketing and communication strategy. We provide customised training sessions, seminars and workshops so that they provide the necessary technical and communication skills within a practical and participatory approach.

The sessions are led by expert trainers from Iuris.doc and combine face-to-face training with on-line tutorials to give continuous support to the participants.

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