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The journey of light

To explain the acceleration of particles in an educational and appealing manner

Although ALBA is the third most important scientific infrastructure in the Mediterranean area, its activity is unknown to the public.

In order to make it better known to the general public, at Iuris.doc we have produced online and offline resources.

Among these is a dynamic infographic, optimised for broadcast 2.0, which explains how ALBA works: from the linear accelerator to the laboratories.

It is accompanied by an informative quadriptych aimed at all visitors to the synchrotron building. In a very visual way and through appealing infographics, this document explains what ALBA is, how light is generated by the synchrotron, and what its main practical applications are.

This process of bringing the ALBA Synchrotron closer to the public began in 2013 with the redesign of its website.


Publicity materials for the Alba Synchrotron


The Synchrotron ALBA Laboratory of Light Consortium

Visit the website:

The Synchrotron explained through a dynamic infographic

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