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The other side of AIDS

Showing the excellence of IrsiCaixa in research, but through a website that is appealing to the user

For more than 20 years, IrsiCaixa has specialised in research on HIV and AIDS and is currently an international centre of reference. Since the beginning, the Institute has demonstrated a desire to educate about the disease.

With the objective of bringing these two criteria together, at Iuris.doc we have conceptualised, designed and developed the new web portal for this institution that promotes the “la Caixa” Foundation and the Department of Health. We have opted for a didactic, appealing, friendly environment, whilst not sacrificing scientific rigour.

Great images, responsive design, a new web architecture… Entering becomes an inspiring and effective experience.

And apart from general access, we offer customised web navigation, for example, according to the audience type (research community, educators, journalists, etc.) or by action (collaborate, get organised, contact us).

The new modular and scalable IrsiCaixa portal allows not only the research and innovation of the institution to be appreciated, but also its outstanding role in areas such as teaching and research-business transfer.

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